:: hewwo? w-welcome 2 my little corner of the interweb...

It's a mess in here!

(I made this :3c)

hi I'm jimmie, an artist based in the midwest usa. I've been dinking around with code for like 20 years thanks primarily to Neopets and Subeta (though I prefer Dappervolk or Flight Rising these days).

I was so happy to discover Neocities and the web revival. However small this community may be, it means everything to me that anyone else is still out here keeping old internet traditions alive. I wanna play, too!!!

fuck your phone! best viewed on pc <3

:: why do all ur pages look different

I'm indecisive and the world is my oyster. next

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F E E D H E R !!!

every day is out of touch thursday here btw. if you even care. anyway ive only had silly for 5 mins but if anything happens to her ill kill everyone in this room <3


Don't ask why I'm putting this in before anything else on the site. I'm just playing. Also I don't have a guestbook worked out yet so. Do please feel free to leave a msg in the cbox!! Remember, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all :^) that is a threat :^)