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Welcome 2 My Silly Little Page!

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This is very much under construction if that wasn't obvious yet uwu

Hi, I'm jimmie! I got my start making websites back on the web 1.0 when I was like 9 or 10 years old, and quickly discovered all the wonders of HTML/CSS thanks primarily to Neopets (which I DO still have an account on and it sucks now btw. I much prefer Dappervolk or Flight Rising these days). But I also spent quite a lot of time making my own independent websites as well as hanging out on and/or coding various RP & niche interest forums :-)

As time wears on I find myself less and less tolerant of social media as a whole; the corporations themselves, the algorithms, the coordinated vitriol and misinformation, the monitoring, the advertisements, the trends, all of it. I've wanted to make my own website again for a while but was really dismayed to see that the paid subscription model overtook web develoment, too-- short of going thru and building everything from scratch, I thought I'd be stuck with a blog forever.

I was so happy to discover Neocities and the web revival. However small this community may be, it means everything to me that anyone else is still out here keeping old internet traditions alive. And also to meet other queer autistic nerds who think coding is fun for some reason. :3c

So I'm just here to do what I've always done; make a goofy, silly, fun little website where I store all my About Me, Niche Hyperfixation Info, and maybe even some of my art! If you feel like joining me on this endeavor I will soon have a Chatbox, as well as a guestbook, and also, I have a little forum I'm trying to get off the ground just for hanging out/not being on SM purposes. I'd love to chill with you on these vestiges of ye olde internet~

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